Supra Endura is a women’s wear collection seeking out sublime and subversive inspiration. The collection features modern shapes paired with innovative use of material to evoke a subtle sensuality. Layering these different concepts creates a dynamic collection that is at once both playful and refined. In our highly visual culture, good design is one of the most effective forms of communication. Behind the seams of the Supra Endura collection there is a rich story. Each print/ design artistically represents a special non-profit to which portions of the proceeds are donated. The collection will represent one to two non- profits each season. For every garment sale $2 will be donated to the print’s respective cause.   Whats in a name? Supra Endura is a type of photographic paper. The act of creating a color photograph is quite poetic: light is the cataclysm that projects onto a blank piece of paper, conjuring a latent image to rise to the surface. If we dig deeper into the etymology of the words we find that Supra is an adverb, meaning: beyond the limits of; outside of. Endura has roots in “endure,” which means to hold out against. This brand has a focus on sustainability and the power of endurance, and it is also looking to the future and always reaching for what is just outside of our grasp.

Supra Endure Fall/Winter 2014 from SurreaLux on Vimeo.